A man aiming his pistol at a gun range in Sevierville TN.

5 Ways to Make the Most of Your Time at Our Sevierville Shooting Range

Take a break from exploring all the popular attractions in the area and enjoy the Smoky Mountains in a different way when you visit Sevier Indoor Shooting Range. A trip to our Sevierville shooting range may be just what you need to take your vacation to the next level. It’s an experience that’s both educational and exciting! Here are 5 ways to make the most of your time at our Sevierville shooting range:

1. Take a Class

At Sevier Indoor Shooting Range, we offer a Tennessee Handgun Carry Permit Class. If you live in Tennessee and have been thinking about getting your handgun permit, why wait? Attend one of our classes at our Sevierville shooting range! Classes are taught by our certified NRA and Tennessee state handgun safety program instructors and are held the second and third Saturdays of every month.

2. Come with a Group

A large group of people at our Smoky Mountain gun range.What better way to spend your vacation than with all your family and friends? Our shooting range is the perfect place to have an exciting afternoon with your group. We can accommodate groups of up to 25 people! When you bring a group, you’ll get to use our Range Meeting Room for 3 hours, along with exclusive access to as many as 4 shooting lanes for 3 hours. You’ll also get 2 targets for each shooter, a T-shirt for everyone in your group and more. Find out more about our group deals and gather all your friends and family!

3. Visit Our Shop

In addition to our shooting range, we have a fully stocked gun shop! You’ll be able to find firearms and accessories from popular brands like Colt and Sig & Wessen and plenty of ammo you can purchase to use at our range. If you are looking for an item that is not in our inventory, we can place special orders and arrange for gun transfers for affordable prices!

4. Bring the Family

Father and son at our shooting range near Pigeon Forge TN.The first family-friendly activity in the Smoky Mountains that comes to mind probably isn’t a shooting range, but our Sevierville shooting range is happy to welcome families! Children 12 years and older are allowed, as long as they are accompanied by a parent or guardian. It’s a great way for everyone to bond and to spend quality time with each other.

5. Go Shopping After

Sevier Indoor Shooting Range is just minutes from all the best shops in Sevierville! Compromise by spending the morning at the shooting range and the afternoon going shopping. Sevierville is full of a variety of shops where you can find clothes, shoes, souvenirs and more! You’ll have a perfect day if you spend half at our shooting range and the other half exploring all the shops in the area.

About the Range

Sevier Indoor Shooting Range is a locally owned business. There are 11 25-yard lanes, each lighted and equipped with a lane table and target retrieval system. The range mainly caters to shooters with pistols but can also accommodate shooters with shotguns, .22-cal rifles and pistol caliber carbines. If you do not have your own gun, you can rent one from the range.

A day at our Sevierville shooting range is a day well spent. Find out more information about our shooting range and plan your visit!

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