Target full of bullet holes at the Sevier Indoor Shooting Range in the Smoky Mountains

Top 5 Health Benefits of Visiting Our Sevierville Indoor Gun Range

Although this may come as surprising news to some, planning a trip to our indoor gun range in Sevierville can actually improve your physical and mental health! If you are interested in a recreational activity that will help to relieve your stress and provide other excellent health benefits, come on out to the Sevier Indoor Shooting Range! Check out the top 5 health benefits of visiting our Sevierville Indoor Gun Range:

1. Improves Physical Balance

While aiming your gun at the target and remaining perfectly still in your shooting stance, you exercise your core muscles and support proper posture. By strengthening your abdominal muscles with excellent posture, the weight of your upper body is equally distributed over your front and back which helps to improve physical balance. As a result, simple daily tasks such as walking become much easier!

2. Increases Mental Discipline

A man shooting a target at Sevier Indoor Shooting Range.Although widely considered as a physical sport, shooting sports are actually mostly a mental sport. In fact, experienced shooters feel that 90 percent of sport shooting is mental! This is because a huge degree of mental discipline is required to focus on a target, so concentration levels are expanded and sharpened. Therefore, shooting helps you to concentrate with other problem solving skills involving creative thinking, logic and mathematics!

3. Develops Physical Control

Another health benefit of visiting our Sevierville indoor gun range is that it helps to develop physical control that is not only healthy but enjoyable as well! When participating at our gun range, you will benefit from increased strength, hand-eye coordination, stamina, fine motor skills and many other excellent physical disciplines. These are attributes that will not only help you in your recreational shooting activities, but in all areas of your life.

4. Exercises Eye and Focus Capabilities

One of the key elements to shooting at the Sevier Indoor Shooting Range is using your eyesight to achieve your best shooting performance. Although shooting in itself will not help with any eye deficiencies, it helps to exercise your existing eye capabilities! By giving your eyes a break from staring at cell phones, computer monitors and television screens, you will be relieving the normal stress on your eyes. Keeping your eyes on the target while aiming a gun also requires plenty of focus, so this helps to improve your ability to focus on objects.

5. Provides An Adrenalin RushTwo women admiring a target with bullet holes at Seiver Indoor Shooting Range.

There is no doubt that holding and firing a weapon at our Sevierville indoor gun range can be an exhilarating experience! This “adrenalin rush” will promote a surge of energy to pulse through your blood, which can have important brain health benefits. Just as a cup of coffee provides a temporary increase in energy, adrenalin increases awareness and alertness. This can help to improve memory and cognitive functioning, making it easier for you to react appropriately in periods of stress.

Learn more about our Sevierville indoor gun range and plan your visit today to enjoy these tremendous health benefits of recreational shooting! We look forward to seeing you soon at the Sevier Indoor Shooting Range!

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