Target full of bullet holes at the Sevier Indoor Shooting Range in the Smoky Mountains

5 Reasons We Are the Best Indoor Shooting Range Near Pigeon Forge

Are you looking for an indoor shooting range near Pigeon Forge? Whether you are an experienced marksman or just a beginner, here at Sevier Indoor Shooting Range we can provide you with a safe environment to practice your shooting skills. Here are 5 reasons we are the best indoor shooting range near Pigeon Forge:

1. We Value Safety

The most important thing to us is the safety of our customers. Our employees are trained to ensure the needs of our customers are met. That’s why we only allow those 12 and above to shoot at our range. Any minor visiting the range must be accompanied by their parent or legal guardian in order to shoot. We also ask that minors be watched at all times while they are at the range. We want everyone to know the importance of gun safety while also having a fun experience.

2. We Offer Tennessee Handgun Carry Permit Classes

Handgun at our Sevierville shooting range.Do you want to become certified to carry a handgun in the state of Tennessee? We offer classes that are taught by certified NRA and Tennessee State Handgun Safety Program Instructors. Pre-registration for these classes are required. Check out more information on how to register for a gun safety class.

3. Owning a Gun isn’t Necessary

Even if you don’t own a gun you can still visit our indoor shooting range in Pigeon Forge. We offer gun rentals for only $8 and you will need to buy ammunition as well. We carry firearms and accessories from a wide variety of the most popular brands on the market today. We also carry a large variety of ammunition you can choose from.

4. We are Licensed FFL Dealers

Even if we do not carry the particular brand or model that you are in search of, you are welcome to order it online and have it shipped to us. As a licensed FFL dealer we can handle receiving the firearm and completing all the necessary paperwork for a minimal charge. This way you can receive your gun and test it out all in one convenient location.

5. Our Prices are Affordable

A variety of targets hanging up in our Sevierville shooting range.Hourly rates to rent one of our gun lanes is only $14. That’s a bargain. If you have guests with you it is only an additional $7 per person. You can have a maximum of 3 people per lane. This makes going to the indoor shooting range an affordable activity while you are on vacation. Browse through our range rates and membership page for more information.

An indoor shooting range isn’t affected by rain and can be used year-round, so stop by on your next vacation. In the meantime, check out this blog post on the health benefits of visiting a shooting range to learn more about why you should visit during your next vacation!

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