A young woman shooting a rifle at Sevier Indoor Shooting Range.

Top 4 Benefits of Reading Testimonials of Our Smoky Mountain Shooting Range

If you are looking for the best shooting range in the Smoky Mountains, look no further than the Sevier Indoor Shooting Range in Sevierville, TN! We have had countless satisfied customers who were delighted with their experience at our shooting range, and many have taken the time to leave positive testimonials! Here are the top 4 benefits to reading the customer testimonials that have been written about our Smoky Mountain shooting range:

1. Makes You Feel Confident

If you have always been thinking about trying out a gun range but felt nervous about the experience, the Sevier Indoor Shooting Range customer testimonials will help put your mind at ease! After you see that plenty of previous customers enjoyed our professional facilities and staff, you can feel confident about visiting our shooting range! We are pleased to welcome anyone to our range, including families with shooters who are at least 12 years old and accompanied by a parent or guardian.

2. Learn Helpful Information

An instructor teaching a student at Sevier Indoor Shooting Range how to shoot.When you read the customer testimonials from our Smoky Mountain shooting range, it is almost like getting information from a friend! These testimonials are written by our prior shooting range guests who once were new to the range just like yourself. You may learn that the Sevier Indoor Shooting Range offers Tennessee Handgun Carry Permit Classes and that we carry a wide variety of firearms and accessories from the most popular brands on the market. When you need any additional information about our range, feel free to contact us, and our friendly staff would be happy to assist you!

3. Provides Honest Feedback

We are proud to provide our customer testimonials as they provide honest feedback about the experience at the Sevier Indoor Shooting Range. We can tell you that our facility is modern, clean and professional, but it is really the customers who can validate the claims of any company! As you browse the testimonials, you will find that our range offers excellent prices, well-maintained facilities and a great staff! After reading the feedback, make your plans to visit our range, where you can rent shooting lanes by the hour or join one of our affordable membership plans.

4. Find Out About Events

A large group of people at our Smoky Mountain gun range.One of the things you might not have realized about our range before reading the testimonials is that you can participate in special events at the Sevier Indoor Shooting Range! Whether you are planning a guys’ night out, birthday celebration or other fun event, you can take advantage of our awesome event package for as many as 8 shooters! This package includes perks like the exclusive use of our range meeting room for 3 hours, exclusive use of as many as 4 shooting lanes for 3 hours, a Sevier Indoor Range T-shirt for each shooter and much more!

After reading our customer testimonials, be sure to check out the hours and rates of our Smoky Mountain shooting range to plan your visit! We look forward to seeing you at the Sevier Indoor Shooting Range and hope that you will leave us a testimonial of your own!

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