To disarm the people is the most effectual way to enslave them.” – George Mason

Have you ever been to one of “those gun ranges”?

You know, where everyone looks down their nose at you as if you didn’t know which end of a pistol goes “bang!” Our friendly staff will treat you with respect and happily answer any questions you may have. Whether you are a shooting novice or a seasoned veteran shooter, you’ll feel right at home with us. Learn more.

The text "Handgun Carry Classes" overlaid on a photo of a woman firing a handgun.
"The Range" overlaid on a shooting target from our Sevierville shooting range.
The text "Ammo" overlaid on some bullets from our Sevierville shooting range.
The text "Gun Shop" overlaid on a gun at our Sevierville shooting range.

She’s shopping, and you could be shooting!

Guys, Sevier Indoor Range is minutes from all the shopping of Sevierville. So why not drop your better half off at the stores and head on over to do some shooting. Don’t worry, if you don’t have your gun with you. We have a wide variety of rental guns and ammunition. Why spend all day sitting on a bench when you could be on the range.

So you’ve found your dream firearm online?

Have it shipped to us. Sevier Indoor Range is a licensed FFL dealer and will be happy to handle your FFL transfer for a very reasonable fee. Once it arrives will notify you that it’s ready for pick-up.

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Bullets flanking a black rectangle with the text ".22 ammo in stock , ready to sell out the door."

Neh. 4:18 “Each of the builders had his sword strapped around his waist while he was building, and the trumpeter was beside me.”

The brands of firearms we carry at our Sevierville shooting range.