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5 Ways to Spend a Day at Our Sevierville Shooting Range

Spending a day at our Sevierville shooting range is a fun and different way to enjoy some time in the mountains. Whether you’re an experienced shooter or just starting to learn, a day at the range is a great way to develop and maintain your skills. For an educational and exciting time, read our list of the top 5 ways to enjoy your time at our Sevierville shooting range and plan your trip today!

1. Take Your Kids

Our Sevierville shooting range is a great place for you to teach your kids all about gun safety and proper shooting technique. Kids 12 years and older are welcome as long as they are accompanied by a parent or legal guardian. Teaching your children to shoot at a young age is the best way for them to become expert shooters and carry the skill with them through their entire life. And if your spouse and kids enjoy joining you at the range, we offer a very affordable family membership package!

2. Take a Permit ClassAn instructor teaching a student at Sevier Indoor Shooting Range how to shoot.

If you enjoy shooting and are ready to obtain a permit, sign up for our Tennessee Handgun Carry Permit class. Classes take place on Saturdays, and they last around 8 hours. Each class is taught by a certified NRA and Tennessee State Handgun Safety Program instructor, so you know you’ll be receiving the best gun education available. We guarantee that you’ll feel more confident than ever in your shooting knowledge and skills after completing this course.

3. Shoot While She Shops

Our Sevierville shooting range is located close to all the most popular shopping destinations, so drop your spouse off at her favorite shops and spend the day sharpening your skills! There’s no reason for you to waste a day waiting around for the shopping spree to be over when you could be enjoying our state of the art range. And you don’t have to show up with your own firearm because we have plenty of great guns available to rent!

4. Book a Private Session

If you’re interested in eventually obtaining your carry permit but have limited experience, our certified instructors will happily spend one-on-one time with you to help you get to the next level of proficiency. Our private sessions last close to 3 hours and are very affordable, making this the best way to gain confidence in your shooting skills. You will be ready to take the Tennessee Handgun Carry Permit class after 1 or 2 sessions with a professional.

Guests enjoying Sevier Indoor Shooting Range.5. Plan a Party

For a fun and unique spin on a birthday party, consider booking our Sevierville shooting range for your big day! You and your closest friends will enjoy 3 hours of exclusive use of up to 4 lanes, as well as use of our meeting room. Feel free to order pizza and bring sodas or let Wright Stuff Catering provide your delicious birthday meal! Your group will receive a discount on all merchandise purchases, and you will all leave with a complimentary Sevier Indoor Range t-shirt! We bet you’ll have so much fun celebrating your birthday at our range that you’ll decide to make it a yearly tradition!

For a fun and educational day in the mountains, plan a day learning the basics or sharpening your skills at our Sevierville shooting range!

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