Two women admiring a target with bullet holes at our shooting range in Sevierville TN.

3 Tips to Help You Plan for a Day at Our Shooting Range in Sevierville TN

Spending an afternoon at a shooting range can be fun, exciting and educational. Whether you’re already experienced with shooting and are looking to improve your shot and develop your skills or you’ve never been to a range before and you’re wanting to learn, we’ve put together 3 helpful tips to help you prepare for your day at our shooting range in Sevierville TN!

1. Sign Up for a ClassA man shooting a target at Sevier Indoor Shooting Range.

For those of you who are visiting our shooting range in Sevierville TN in order to learn the basics of gun handling and safety, we recommend signing up for one of our training classes. All of our classes are taught by a certified NRA and Tennessee State Handgun Safety Program Instructor.

If you already own a gun or have some shooting experience and are wanting to earn your Tennessee handgun carry permit, we have classes a couple Saturdays a month. You’ll need to bring a valid TN driver’s license, an unloaded handgun, pen and paper for note taking and one box of unopened ammunition. If you don’t own a gun, you may rent one from our facility.

If you are more of a beginner than this are are just starting to have interest in shooting, we also have private training sessions where one of our professionals will help you develop your skills and prepare you for the next step of earning your carry permit.

2. Come with a Group

If you plan a day at our shooting range in Sevierville TN with a group of family or friends, you can receive a group discount as well as many other exciting perks! For up to 8 shooters, you’ll get exclusive use of the range meeting room for up to 3 hours, exclusive use of up to 4 shooting lanes, 2 targets per shooter, a discount on merchandise and gun rentals and you’ll even have the option of having pizza delivered or bringing your own snacks! Consider a day at the range for your next birthday, anniversary or other special event!

Targets with bullet holes at Sevier Indoor Shooting Range.3. Learn the Rules Before Arriving

One of the most important things to do in order to have a fun and safe day at our shooting range in Sevierville TN is to be familiar with our rules before you arrive. We want everyone to have a great time and be safe and comfortable, so we’ve set some guidelines to follow during your time with us.

  1. All shooters must be 12 years or older, and anyone under 21 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.
  2. Children under 12 are welcome, but they must remain in our meeting room and always be accompanied by a person 18 or older.
  3. You may bring your own snacks and drinks, but absolutely no alcohol is permitted on the premises.
  4. Shooters and non-shooters must all agree to abide by our rules and regulations.

We want everyone to safely learn how to handle a handgun and shoot with professional precision, so book your trip to our shooting range in Sevierville TN today!

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